Atlanta is a city of colleges and universities.  What follows is a only partial list of the institutions of higher learning in and around the city.  Students come from all over the world. These colleges and universities — with their art museums, dance and music programs, lectures and invited speakers — create for the city a more vibrant cultural climate.


Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

highly ranked public research university

internationally known for technology and engineering research and education

20,000+ undergraduate and graduate student

Famous Georgia Tech alumni include two Nobel Prize winners: US President Jimmy Carter (Peace) and Kary Mullis (Chemistry — inventor of PCR). There are also NASA astronauts, and engineers, and administrators; and award winners in  physicists; chemistry, chemical and biomedical engineering, computing, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineeringcity and regional planning, and a number of other fields. Even a comic book character — Mockingbird of Marvel’s New Avengers — is a Georgia Tech grad!


Georgia State University

public university located in downtown atlanta

100 fields of study

30,000+ undergraduate, graduate, and professional students


Emory University

outstanding private university

highly selective

14,000+ undergraduate, graduate, and professional students

The official mascot of Emory University is an Eagle, but for over 100 years the most beloved character associated with the university has been a skeleton — Dooley, the Lord of Misrule. Why? No one really knows.  In Spring, Dooley’s Week is when Emory celebrates school spirit with food, music, comedy and a dance.  During Dooley’s Week,  he roams through the campus. By tradition, if he wanders into a classroom durng a lecture, the students are set free!


Spelman College

 women only

historically black liberal arts college*

2000+ undergraduate students

In 2009, Forbes Magazine ranked Spelman among the top 10 women’s colleges in the US.


Morehouse College

men only

historically black liberal arts college

2400+ undergraduate

The most famous alumnus of Morehouse College was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He was a Civil Rights movement leader and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.  Today, the college chapel is named for him.


Morehouse School of Medicine

focus on community medicine

357 male and female students

Morehouse has been recognized as a national leader in the training of primary care physicians.


Agnes Scott College

liberal arts college for women

900+ students

*Historically Black Colleges and Universities began as centers for higher education for Black students. Today, they serve students of all ethnicities from a wide variety of countries.

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