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Recorded conversation: John and Jennifer

15 Jun

Foreign language learners aren’t the only ones who may have problems speaking in front of others. In this conversation recorded by WABE Radio, John talks about his efforts to deal with a speech impediment. What do you think of the methods John has learned to employ?


Using Recorded Conversations

13 Jun

Some English learners complain that when Americans talk they speak too fast, they use contractions, or they run their sentences together. It doesn’t sound like the English in the school books. Even someone who has studied hard and gotten perfect grades in English classes might be confused if his listening skills are poor.

One part of building listening skills is just simply practicing, training the ear to catch the rhythms and habits of English speakers.

I’ll be posting links to recordings from various sources.  These offer opportunities to hear a wide variety of American voices, accents, and topics of interest.

Recorded Conversation: Gnimbin

13 Jun

Gnimbin’s name causes problems

Gnimbin, a graduate student from Ivory Coast, has unexpected legal problems because of confusion about his name. Listen to his recording from StoryCorps recorded by WABE Radio.

Recorded Conversation: Christy and Dan

12 Jun

StoryCorps – Christy and Dan

In this StoryCorps conversation, Christy and Dan talk about the long distance relationship they developed when he was in the Army in Afghanistan.  Source: WABE Radio.  Click the link to listen.

Recorded conversation: Brianna and Abby

12 Jun

Brianna and Abby discuss braces

In this conversation recorded in Atlanta for WABE Radio StoryCorps, Brianna and Abby talk about the embarrassment of being a college student with braces. Click the link to hear two young women in discussion.